Josefino Chino Toledo

“Toledo intensely conveyed the bursts of energy, magnetic momentum and arresting accents —   these sending the pulses beating, with the orchestra members thoroughly responsive to Toledo’s cues.”

Rosalinsa Orosa. The Philippine Star


Composer - conductor Chino Toledo’s music has been described as "pure and powerful", and cited for its fusion of contemporary western language and Southeast Asian aesthetics. Music critic Rosalinda Orosa described Toledo as “a composer-conductor of considerable worth” and “…an ingenious, remarkably original composer of singular creativity and imagination.” His music is characterized by great energy and often bears a relationship to the traditional music of Southeast Asia.

Toledo’s works also include music for theater, films, scoring libraries, orchestrations and arrangements for different performing forces, and revisions and editing of Philippine Sarsuwelas.


“Toledo is one of the (Philippines’) finest and best conductors ever.”

  1. - Leonor Goquingco,

Philippine art critic and National Artist “